The Automotive Emergency Rescue Tool – The automotive multi-tool that puts seven essential rescue aids in the palm of your hand

Driving somewhere this weekend? Here’s a multi-tool that will help you just in case you need some rescue aid in the middle of nowhere.

This automotive Emergency Rescue Tool —[SOURCE]— already includes 7 important tools including a steel hammer, a seat belt razor, LED flashlight and a lot more.


Automotive Emergency Rescue Tool

In case of emergency situaltion, the steel hammer is designed to help you effortlessly shatters a window while the included razor on the other hand will allow you to easily and quickly cut through belt.

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The Included flashlight on the other hand has different settings such as high and low, strobe, SOS and a flashing red flare where you can affix it to your car’s body using its integrated magnet.

Calling for assistance but you have a drained phone battery? No problem because it also comes with a hand-crank dynamo capable of juicing up a drained phones and best of all, it is small enough that it fits right to your console or glove box for easy access every time.

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