The Automotive Alexa – A car charger that powers your devices and connects to the Internet for hands-free assistance while driving

Driving somewhere this weekend? Why not add some hands-free assistance so you can better enjoy your trip? Here’s a uniquely designed car charger capable of powering your favorite gadgets while at the same time connects you to the internet to assist you while driving.

Equipped with Alexa service, this car charger uses 2 noise canceling microphones partnered with your favorite Alexa service so it can easily respond to all your request including asking for directions, shopping online while driving or even searching for answers while of course keeping your eyes on the road and your both hands on the wheel.

The Automotive Alexa

The Automotive Alexa

This automotive car charger can also be paired with your latest gadgets via Bluetooth perfect for that hands-free phone conversation or even playing your favorite music or audio books all without touching a button.

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The Automotive Alexa 1

The Automotive Alexa already includes a mute button strategically located at the charger’s top spot so you can easily control the device if you need to and best of all, it can charge for up to 2 gadgets at the same time using cables. Weighs only 8oz.

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