The Auto Advance Digital Slide And Negative Converter [SOURCE] is perfect for people who wants to convert film negatives automatically into digital images, perfect if you have series of slides that you want to convert easily with just a touch of a button.

The Auto Advance Digital Slide And Negative Converter

The Auto Advance Digital Slide And Negative Converter

Unlike ordinary film negative converters out there that requires the owner to manually align and adjust each slide into the converter, this device already includes a feature where user simply insert the film and automatically the converter will align and scan a 4 to 6 negatives in just a matter of seconds.

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This film negative converter uses 17.3mp image sensor capable of capturing images into a maximum resolution of 3600dpi where owners can then import the slides to their PC as digital image.

Other feature includes a photo editing tool that will allow the user to apply different effects including cropping, rotating and adjusting light exposure of an image.

The Auto Advanced Digital Slide and Negative Converter already comes with USB cable, tray for film negatives and standard slides.

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