The Authentic Gelato Maker – Creates fresh and creamier Italian Gelato

You want to produce your very own great tasting Italian Gelato? No problem, here’s an automatic Gelato Maker gadget that is capable of making creamier and more deeply flavored gelato delight, perfect for gelato fanatics out there.

The Authentic Gelato Maker is better than ordinary ice cream maker around simply because it is designed to chill and mix using only the correct temperature and speed, you can even create successive gelato batches in 1 1/2 pints without leading the bowl mixer to your freezer repeatedly. Cool eh.

The Authentic Gelato Maker

This authentic gelato maker also features a nice mixing paddle capable of incorporating fresh fruits and chocolates thoroughly and because parts included are all dishwasher safe, creating your favorite Italian Gelato is now easier with this new and reliable gelato maker gadget.

-$299.95 at hammacher

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