The Atari Star Wars Home Arcade – brings the adventure of retro Star Wars video arcade games into your home

You want to have your very own Atari Star Wars Home Arcade so you can play retro games at home without worrying about inserting coins just to enjoy your favorite Star Wars games of the 1980s?

Get one of these uniquely designed Atari arcade cabinet and start enjoying arcade gaming including your favorite Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and even the X-wing fighter with you and your family at home.

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Atari Star Wars Home Arcade

Atari Star Wars Home Arcade

This Arcade Cabinet is equipped with 17 inches display capable of displaying clear and crisp graphics so you can enjoy the 3 installed Star Wars games without any problem, it even comes with a unique speaker system so you can also enjoy that retro sound effects of the games.

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Atari Star Wars Home Arcade 1

The Star Wars Home Arcade already comes with an easy to use buttons partnered with trigger-style steering yoke and best of all, it uses 15 inches cabinet riser just perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above who wants to play retro games right at their very own entertainment room. Weighs only 92lbs. and only measures 60x20x18 inches in height, diameter and width.

You can buy the Atari arcade cabinet for only 599.95 with lifetime guarantee.