The Atari Armchair TV Arcade – connects wirelessly to your TV and provides the same classic gaming experience only available at arcade parlors

Now you can play your favorite arcade game at home with this uniquely designed Atari Armchair TV Arcade. (available here)

This TV Arcade is very easy to use and can be connected to your favorite TV wirelessly, it even uses a uniquely designed controller so any player can position themselves comfortably almost anywhere for a better gaming experience.

Atari Armchair TV Arcade

The Atari Armchair TV Arcade

The Atari Armchair TV Arcade once you connect to your favorite TV using its included cordless dongle, enjoying all those classic games that were once available only at your kids favorite arcade shops can now be enjoyed with their friends at home without any problem.

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Atari Armchair TV Arcade1

With the uniquely designed lapdesk controller, players can enjoy every game at the comfort of their own sofa or armchair, plus it even comes with an integrated joystick partnered with 2 easy to use buttons so playing arcade games including their favorite Asteroid Deluxe, Major Havoc, Centipede and a lot more will be more exciting as ever every time and best of all, it only weighs 6lbs and only measures 21x13x5.5 inches in width, length and height respectively.

You can buy this Atari arcade game for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.