The At Home Pet Spa – transforms an ordinary pet bath into an invigorating spa

Thanks to this uniquely designed bathing system, transforming your ordinary pet bath into an energizing and refreshing spa for pets is now possible, thanks also to its included different adapters and massage feature, bathing your pet anywhere at home at any given time will not be a problem.

Home Pet Spa

This pet bathing system even comes with a spigot for outdoor use while its included 11 spray options will allow pet owners to massage and spray widely, it even comes with 5 different settings including spraying shampoo into the water stream.

Home Pet Spa 2

The At Home Pet Spa is unique because it is made with internal parts that’s non sticky perfect so you don’t have to worry about preventing buildup and clogging every time and best of all, it also comes with lick pad designed to keep the pet busy and absorbed while they’re being bathed and groomed.