The At Home Exercise Bike Workstation – It can be used as an exercise bike while participating in remote meetings or while typing on a laptop

You want to stay in tip top while working from home? Use the At Home Exercise Bike Workstation, a uniquely designed exercise bike equipped with a work area where owners can place their favorite laptop for working and at the same time exercising.

Perfect for anyone who wants to workout while at the same time joining remote meetings or even watching workout tutorials or even typing for work deadlines, this recumbent exercise bike is just your perfect answer.

Home Exercise Bike Workstation

This exercise bike is very easy to use, it even comes with an adjustment lever so owner’s can easily switch between workstation or as a standup desk.

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Home Exercise Bike Workstation1

The At Home Exercise Bike Workstation even features a magnetic resistance for bikers while its multi-function monitor with scan feature will allow the owner to easily track the speed, time, distance, pulse rate and even calories burned and best of all, it already includes a laptop strap, cup holder and tablet holder. Weighs only 50lbs.

You can buy the recumbent exercise bike for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.