The At Home Adjustable Oxygen Bar – helps get rid of any dust particles and other air impurities effectively

The At Home Adjustable Oxygen Bar is perfect for anyone who wants to have their very own personal oxygen bar at home just to help get rid of any air impurities roaming around so you and your family can have that calm relaxation every time.

This adjustable personal oxygen bar is unique because it is capable of increasing its concentration up to 90 percent so that the oxygen you and your family inhaled are free from any dust particles and other air impurities.

Home Adjustable Oxygen Bar

Thanks to the oxygen bar’s unique compressor, drawing air and passing it straight through its effective filtering system in order to remove air impurities will not be a problem.

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Home Adjustable Oxygen Bar1

The At Home Adjustable Oxygen Bar even features a uniquely designed membrane capable of isolating oxygen, increasing its total concentration and pumping it through its tube and to a headset where it is then gently released near the owner’s mouth and best of all, it also comes with an adjustable oxygen flow rate and different settings for concentration. You can even add your favorite aromatherapy oil without any problem. Weighs only 14.5lbs.

You can buy the personal adjustable oxygen bar for only $449.95 with lifetime guarantee.