The Assemble Your Own R2-D2 – Now you can assemble your very own wooden R2-D2 model

The Assemble Your Own R2-D2 [SOURCE] is an 18 inches tall wooden droid assembled uniquely using a laser-cut wood pieces so kids can easily snap them together just like those 3D puzzle of course without worrying about screws, force and even glues.

This wooden R2-D2 droid already includes up to 297 pieces of uniquely cut pieces just enough to allow R2D2 fanatics to assemble their very own unique droid.

The Assemble Your Own R2-D2

The Assemble Your Own R2-D2

This headstrong droid also includes a nice instruction with step-by-step guide on how to build the droid’s exterior plus its included 48-page book will definitely make any fanatic remember the many adventures about the feisty astromech droid.

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The Assemble Your Own R2-D2 even features a head that can rotate for up to 180 degrees and best of all, it allows young adventurist to paint the droid’s exterior using their preferred paint set. Perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

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