The Arthritis Pain Reliever – targets aching wrist, palm and fingers using deep penetrating LED lights

Aching wrist, palm and fingers caused by arthritis? Get rid of them using the Arthristis Pain Reliever, a uniquely designed device that uses infrared lights to help get rid of the pain you are having in your wrist, palm and fingers.

Thanks to this cordless and deep penetrating device equipped with medical grade LED lights like infrared and red LED lights designed to provide not just therapeutic lights capable of penetrating deep into the problematic skin just to help relieve the pain you are having.

Arthritis Pain Reliever

Arthritis Pain Reliever

The uniquely shaped device has an alternating function that targets around wrist, palm and fingers in different intervals perfect for increasing blood circulation, lessen the swelling and of course relieve joint pain caused mainly by arthritis or even by repetitive motion.

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Arthritis Pain Reliever 1

The Arthritis Pain Reliever already comes with an automatic shut-off feature for extra security and best of all, its included LED lighs are rated 30k hrs of working function without any problem and because it is cordless, charging its built-in 6,600mah battery using its included cable will provide up to 2hrs of pain relieving hours. Measures only 2×43/4×81/4 inches in height, width and length respectively and only weighs 1.5lbs.

You can buy the cordless arthritis pain reliever for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.