The Arm Strain Preventing Trainer – A biofeedback device that alarms user if it begins sensing too much strain on their muscles

The Arm Strain Preventing Trainer —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed biofeedback gadget capable of alerting the owner specially if the device starts to sense if the user is already putting too much strain on your arm’s muscles.

Thanks to the trainer’s easy to use feature where user’s simply wrap the device around its forearm to allow the device to start tracking and alerting the user of any problem that might caused to strain the arm.

The Arm Strain Preventing Trainer

The Arm Strain Preventing Trainer

This biofeedback device simply detects strain right in the muscle’s fibers due to frequent computer usage, once it senses a problem, the device will then vibrates in order to alert the user to stop whatever position the arm is into.

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The Arm Strain Preventing Trainer is perfect for anyone who needs to be reminded of adjusting their arm position specially during long hours of computer operation at home or at the office doing computer works.

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