The Aquatic Bar – An inflatable floating circular bar with built-in cooler

Planning for your next summer getaways? No problem, whether you’re up for beach or pool swimming, this floating bar [SOURCE] will definitely give some cool place for chatting while at the same time enjoying a nice cold drinks while swinging your legs in the water.

The Aquatic Bar

The Aquatic Bar

Introducing The Aquatic Bar, a heavy duty floating circular bar capable of seating up to 4 persons around an included cooler making it easy for swimmers to rest while having a good conversation, thanks to the aquatic bar’s built-in inflatable chairs with high back and wide seats and of course the easy to open cooler where you can pull out some of your favorite ice cold drinks.

The Aquatic Bar 2

The Aquatic Bar’s integrated cooler has a 12″Diameter x 10″Deep dimension enough to hold dozens of 12oz. cans or 8x of 16oz bottles. This floating bar even comes with a cup holder located strategically right at every seats so you can use it to store your drinks.

This floating circular bar even comes with a plug for draining melted ice while the included speed valve will allow the owner to inflate or deflate the bar easily using an electric air pump.

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