The Any Tablet Adjustable Keyboard Case – An adjustable case with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard that can accommodate most Apple and Android Tablets

Looking for a perfect keyboard for your latest Android or Apple tablets? Use the Any Tablet Adjustable Keyboard Case, a uniquely designed keyboard case partnered with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard capable of accommodating your latest tablets that other tablet portfolios cannot.

This adjustable case and Bluetooth keyboard combo is unique because it already includes different button strips and bumpers so owners can easily fit different tablet sizes and models.

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Any Tablet Adjustable Keyboard Case

Unlike ordinary tablet keyboards out there that are very hard to pair with the tablet, this unit is different because it has a detachable keyboard that can be paired to not only one but up to two devices tablets, it even comes with QWERTY layout so you can type comfortably just like using a desktop computer.

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The Any Tablet Adjustable Keyboard Case already comes with a magnetic mounting plate to keep the tablet secure all the time and best of all, it only weighs 2 3/4lbs with measurement of 10.5×101/4×4.5 inches in length, width and diameter.

The Adjustable Keyboard Case Price is $119.95 and ships within 1 business day (US/Canada)