The Any Device Video Converter – Converts almost any type of videos into digital format without the need of desktop computer

The Any Device Video Converter [SOURCE] is designed to convert any type of videos and turn it into a more acceptable format of course without the need of a desktop computer, thanks to the converter’s included RCA ports, now you can connect VCRs and even DVD players so you can start converting video content into a digital format.


The Any Device Video Converter

This video converter already includes an easy to read colorful LCD screen perfect for viewing converted videos straight into the device, it even includes a 4GB memory card so you can store the converted content straight into the micorSD card.

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The Any Device Video Converter 1

The Any Device Video Converter already includes a USB port so you can easily transfer the converted videos straight to your desktop PC while its included HDMI port allows the owner to display videos straight to your favorite high defintion LED TV.

This portable video converter is small enough that you can bring it anywhere you go and can easily be stored conveniently on your own office desk or at your favorite entertainment center.

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