The Anxiety Relieving Blanket – A weighted blanket capable of keeping you cool and anxiety free

The Anxiety Relieving Blanket is unique when it comes to keeping you comfortable every time you sleep and at the same time a uniquely designed weighted blanket because it has a cooling gel to help you get rid of your anxiety problem.

Unlike ordinary blankets out there that uses microbead fillings which in the long run shifts its position as time goes by, this weighted blanket is unique because it has a gel layer that only stays in one place no matter what and how much you toss and turn at the blanket.

Anxiety Relieving Blanket

Anxiety Relieving Blanket

Other unique feature of its included gel is that, if touched against your skin, the gel spreads all over your body evenly, enough to give you the perfect air circulation in order to normalize your body’s temperature of course in natural way.

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Anxiety Relieving Blanket 1

This anxiety relieving blanket only measures 72 inches x 48 inches x 3/4in. in length, width and diameter respectively and only measures 23lbs.

You can buy the blanket for $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.