The Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve – keeps your personal gadgets safe from hackers, trackers and identify thieves

You want to keep your favorite gadgets safe from trackers, hackers and even to identify thieves? Use the Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve, a uniquely designed smartphone sleeve designed to block any network signals from spying on your phone.

Thanks to the sleeve’s multiple layers of RF shielding fabric, now you can be sure that when you roam around in almost any country, you’re safe from these trackers and hackers every time.

Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve

Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve

This smartphone sleeve is unique because it blocks almost any type of signals from cellular, ID scanners, wifi and even from bluetooth and gps signals, thanks to the sleeve’s unique leather exteriors, enjoying your phone without worrying about bad guys spying on you is now possible every time.

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Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve 1

The Anti-Hacking Smartphone Sleeve even features a 2nd pouch where you can insert your favorite wallet and even your credit cards or keys and best of all, it only measures 8 1/4×4 3/4×1/2 inches in length, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 3oz.

You can buy the smartphone sleeve for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.