The Answer Master – A voice-activated Bluetooth speaker that connects to the Internet to answer any question

The Answer Master [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to finding answers to your questions but at the same time perfect in picking up questions and commands when someone asks for verbal queries, thanks to this Bluetooth speaker system, now you can scour the internet for answer using your voice.

This voice-activated speaker already includes a free Alexa application and is capable of connecting via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS devices including your favorite tablet or Fire or better yet, to your home’s wireless fidelity network, simply ask verbally and let the app stream using simulated human voice from its unique speaker.

The Answer Master

The Answer Master

This gadget is also capable of connecting to the owner’s preferred iTunes, Pandora or even Spotify library perfect for playing your favorite audio and music lists of course accessible via verbal command.

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The Answer Master allows the owner to control the device easily, thanks to the unit’s turntable top, playing, pausing or even changing volume is as easy as pressing a button like a kid and best of all, this voice activated bluetooth speaker provides of up to 3hrs. of power if fully charged using its included micro-USB cable.

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