The Android Smartphone Photo Printer – Prints crisp pictures without worrying about inks

You want to print photos taken from your favorite Tablet or Android Smartphone? Sure, use the Android Smartphone Photo Printer [SOURCE], an inkless photo printer that uses a unique paper that already embeds yellow, cyan, magenta and dye crystals to come up with  crisp photo printouts every time.

The Android Smartphone Photo Printer is capable of printing 4×6 inch photos in just a matter of seconds and because it uses hundreds of gradations and millions of color combinations, producing high quality printouts without worrying about inks is now possible.

The Android Smartphone Photo Printer

The Android Smartphone Photo Printer

This photo printer can print up to 4 images on a single sheet and because the paper is water, tear and fade proof, printing photos or even sharing them to your friends and love ones using your favorite social networking sites is now simpler than ever.

This tablet and android phone printer already comes with a USB port so you can connect most of your favorite devices including camera, iPod, iPhone and iPad while its portability and compact size will definitely requires small amount space. Its included photo paper will allow you to print up to 10 quality printouts right away.

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