The Allergen Trapping Cordless Vacuum – uses water filtration system to trap small particles including dust mites, pollen and pet dander

Not satisfied with your vacuum cleaner because it cannot get rid of small particles and even those allergy and asthma provoking viruses? Use the Allergen Trapping Cordless Vacuum, a uniquely designed cordless vacuum cleaner capable of trapping even the smallest particles and also pollen, dust mites, pet dander and more.

This cordless vacuum is effective when it comes to drawing in dirt and dust, thanks to its powerful motor partnered with water reservoir designed to trap and prevent dirt and dust from coming again inside your very own home, perfect for those with asthma and allergies.

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Allergen Trapping Cordless Vacuum

The Allergen Trapping Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum already includes 2 uniquely made modes partnered with a bag less design where it can collect debris right in a detachable bin, it even comes with a vacuum stick where owners can easily convert the vacuum into a light yet powerful handheld allergen trapping vacuum easily in just a matter of seconds.

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Allergen Trapping Cordless Vacuum 2

And best of all, the Cordless Vacuum, also includes 2 crevice tool and brush for your favorite furniture. Weighs only 8lbs and only measures 43.5×10.5×101/4 inches in length, width and diameter.

You can buy the cordless vacuum cleaner for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.