The All Terrain Hoverboard – Now you can roll over dirt, gravel, grass and even pavement with impunity

Not satisfied with your electric hoverboard because it can’t roll over grass, gravel and dirt? Use the All Terrain Hoverboard [SOURCE], a 12mph electric hoverboard capable of rolling over different terrains including dirt, grass, gravel and even pavements with impunity.

The All Terrain Hoverboard

The All Terrain Hoverboard

Thanks to the hoverboard’s powerful 400 watt motor partnered with uniquely designed wheels, gyro sensors and accelerometers built right into the wheels so it can detect and maintain the rider’s balance every time.

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This electric hoverboard even comes with a smartphone application that allows the owner to set their preferred maximum speed, set steering sensitivity and even change the color of the front LEDs.

The All Terrain Hoverboard also allows the owner to play their favorite music from their favorite Bluetooth devices, thanks to the hoverboard’s integrated speaker, traveling miles and miles around different terrains is now possible and of course entertaining. Just don’t forget to recharge the electric hoverboard though using its included AC adapter before traveling around. Weighs only 40lbs.

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