The All Season Climate Manager – With built-in infrared quartz heater, evaporative cooling fan, and ultrasonic humidifier to provide year round comfort

The All Season Climate Manager [SOURCE] is not just capable of providing comfort all throughout the year but also provides perfect room temperature every time, thanks to the climate manager’s unique climate control tower, now you can monitor and even modify the air temperature and humidity level in your room easily and effectively so you’ll be comfortable every time.

This multi-season climate manager is equipped with built-in infrared quartz heater, ultrasonic humidifier and evaporative cooling fan designed to provide comfortable room temperature, plus it even uses 3 different power heater settings so you can adjust and even maintain the room’s temperature at a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The All Season Climate Manager

The All Season Climate Manager

This all-in-one climate control tower even comes with eveporative fan that uses a detachable water reservoir perfect in providing up to 10hrs. of cool air in different speeds while its humidifier allows the owner to operate the device independently or better yet simultaneously with the included heating feature.

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The All Season Climate Manager also comes with built-in thermostat designed to allow the owner to easily control the room’s temperature and even displays the temp number in easy to read digit and best of all, it already includes a unique safety feature that automatically shuts off the device so you can rest comfortably without worrying about overheating.

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