The All Media Jukebox – A full size jukebox that plays music from records, smartphones, CDs, iPods, SD Cards, and the radio

The All Media Jukebox [SOURCE] is not just cool when it comes to playing your favorite music but at the same time it is power packed with all the latest music tools so you and your family will enjoy music from your favorite radio, smart phones, CDs, SD Cards, iPods or even music from your records collection.

The All Media Jukebox

The All Media Jukebox

This full size jukebox is not just for vinyl collectors out there who are looking for some rockin and rollin inside their own music room but also for music fanatics who just can’t live without music, thanks to the jukebox’s built-in microprocessor controlled turntable partnered with some color changing LEDs, enjoying your vinyl collection at home is now possible.

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You want to connect your iPhone or your latest Android? No problem, simply connect via bluetooth and you’re good to go plus it even comes with a CD drive complete with navigation buttons including pause and play function, or use the included USB port right at the front of the jukebox for some relaxing music from your flash drive.

Besides its included SD Card slot and Radio tuner, this jukebox inspired by Deutsche Wurlitzer model also features an integrated 100w amplifier capable of delivering rich and crisp sound straight to its 2 full range 40w speaker, tweeters and woofer.

The All Media Jukebox already is made with wooden cabinet with veneer finish and already includes an easy to use remote control for easy listening anytime.

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