The All Day Rapid Transition Lens Readers – with quick-changing transition lenses that adjust to UV light conditions

The All Day Rapid Transition Lens Readers (available here) are not just one of those ordinary sunglasses out there because these model are equipped with other important features to make it your perfect all-in-one sunglasses anytime anywhere.

Thanks to these uniquely designed sunglasses, protecting the eyes from UV light will not be a problem because it already comes with a fast changing transition lens that activates in a matter of seconds.

Rapid Transition Lens Readers

The All Day Rapid Transition Lens Readers

The glasses even come with an integrated bifocal prescription partnered with photochromic lenses designed to help block glares and UV rays, the lens even comes with a perfect coating so you don’t have to worry about its durability and scratches every time.

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Rapid Transition Lens Readers1

The All Day Rapid Transition Lens Readers even features a sturdy frames that are made from light yet durable plastic and best of all, it has an adjustable nosepiece that’s non-slip partnered with temple pads made with rubber yet very smooth while its included case is just perfect for any traveling geeks out there who wants to have an all day eye protection any time.

You can buy these sunglasses with integrated UV protecting, bifocal and transition lenses for only $169.95 with lifetime guarantee.