The Air Quality Sensing Purifier – A 4-stage air purifier design to maintain optimal air quality automatically

The Air Quality Sensing Purifier is a uniquely designed 4-stage air purifier capable of sensing different levels of pollution roaming around in your room perfect so you can easily adjust and of course maintain the optimal air quality any time.

The Air Quality Sensing Purifier

The Air Quality Sensing Purifier

This 4 Stage Air Purifier Gadget even features a unique sensor that is constantly monitoring for different pollution levels partnered with color coded system such as blue for clean air, purple for dirty and red for very dirty automatically boosts the gadget’s air speed to get rid of airborne impurities without you even touching a button.

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This air quality sensing purifier device already includes a unique filter that is capable of trapping dust and pet hair, absorbs odors, harmful gases and even small particles, thanks to its unique HEPA filter capable of capturing up to 99.9 percent of almost any type of particles, including dust mites, mold and a lot more.

The Air Quality Sensing Purifier 1

This Air Purifier even features a unique internal ionizer then freshens your room’s air simply by releasing ions that breaks down viruses and bacterias so they become harmless.

This air purifier is capable of providing up to 326 sq room with clean air plus it already includes a different time settings, filter replacement indicator and even a carrying handle so you can use it anywhere.

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