The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan – creates a refreshing breeze as it purifies air with germicidal UV light, an ionizer, and an electrostatic filter

The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan (currently taking orders here) is not just one of those ordinary fan out there simply because this fan besides its powerful design in creating a refreshing breeze, this fan is also perfect when it comes to purifying the air using its included germicidal UV light.

This powerful fan also features an ionizer with an electrostatic filter designed to get rid of any airborne viruses roaming around your home. It is also perfect when it comes to preventing those nasty viruses including those bacteria and mold spores from replicating.

Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan

The integrated ionizer is unique because it can attract dust particles and other larger impurities while its included electrostatic filter will capture those germs without any problem, it even comes with a very quiet fan movements even on high volume, thanks to its uniquely designed fan blade partnered with an aerodynamic front grid designed to help boost airspeed without you worrying about noise.

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Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan1

The Air Cleaning Ionizing Fan is unique because besides its effectiveness in providing a refreshing breeze and purifying air, this fan will also allow the owners to easily adjust or rotate the fan’s head allowing the owner to direct the airflow just about any corner of your room and best of all, it also comes with an adjustable height so owners can use it as floor fan, tabletop or even a nightstand. Measures only 19 to 48 inches in height x 14 3/4in in diameter. Weighs only 28lbs.

You can buy the air cleaning fan for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.