The Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer – No more dry and chapped skin

Dry and chapped skin? No anymore with The Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer, a professional hand moisturizer designed to help rejuvenate hand skin problem simply by inserting the hands into the device to enjoy warm or cool hydrating mist.

The Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer is capable of treating both hands all together, thanks to its uniquely designed ultrasonic transducer and easy to use control knobs, keeping hands smooth and supple is now possible.

The Aesthetician's Ultrasonic Hand Moisturizer

This hand moisturizer is portable and can be used anywhere at home or in any place, perfect for busy geeks out there who want to bring with them in order to help keep their hands smooth every time plus you can even use the device alone or with other skin care treatment out there.

What are you waiting for, start penetrating moisture-starved skin now by inserting both hands into the front unit, just don’t forget to add water into the device though to enjoy oxygenated warm or cool hydrating mist every time.

-$149.95 at hammacher