The Adventurer’s Power Station – A portable power station that recharges gadget’s batteries multiple times anywhere

Is your power station capable of providing enough power for your favorite devices such as laptops, smartphones or even your latest tablets? If not then use the Adventurer’s Power Station [SOURCE], a portable yet powerful rechargeable power station that revives your devices’ batteries multiple times anytime anywhere.

The Adventurer's Power Station

The Adventurer’s Power Station

The Adventurer’s Power Station can be transported easily because it only weighs 12lbs. small enough to bring it anywhere you go on your car, boat or even on your RV and of course it charges your favorite devices including your latest digital cameras 12x, 15x for your smart phones or 6x for your new tablets of course in full battery power.

The Adventurers Power Station 2

This portable power station uses 168Wh AGM lead-acid battery that can be easily recharge using an AC or solar panel while its included two(2x)12v DC, one(1x) USB and one(1x) AC ports allows you to recharge almost everything including your GPS.

This power station also features an easy to read LCD screen perfect for monitoring the percentage of power left in the unit’s lead-acid battery.

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