The Advanced Turntable Soundbar – Bluetooth turntable that also functions as a high definition soundbar for Televisions

Are you looking for a perfect soundbar for your latest TV? How about a soundbar that will also act as your perfect music player? Check the Advanced Turntable Soundbar!

This uniquely designed Bluetooth Turntable is perfect because besides providing you with a classic music player, this soundbar is unique because it also functions as a high definition speaker for your television.

Advanced Turntable Soundbar

The Advanced Turntable Soundbar

Equipped with anti-vibration feature partnered with unique needle to vinyl contact and 2 speed belt driven function for that consistent rpm you’ve been looking for in a classic turntable, this soundbar is just the perfect for playing your favorite LPs every time at home.

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Advanced Turntable Soundbar 2

The Advanced Turntable Soundbar already comes with a sturdy tone arm, an RCA port for connecting external speakers and some ports for headphone and more and best of all, it also includes a remote control with 2 triple-a batteries. Weighs only 17lbs and only measures 16.5x15x8 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this Bluetooth Turntable and Soundbar in one sturdy device for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.