The Advanced iPad Pen – provides enhanced precision and control while drawing and writing on iPad and iPhone

Need to draw and write on your iPad but you don’t have the correct pen to help you out? Here’s an Advanced iPad Pen, a uniquely designed stylus equipped with great precision and control technology so you can write and draw on your iPad or iPhone legibly and confidently every time.

Thanks to the stylus pen’s combination of advanced circuitry, replaceable and retractable tip made with conducted rubber, flexing and gliding the pen on your favorite iOS devices in great details will not be a problem anymore.

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Advanced iPad Pen

The Advanced iPad Pen

This iPad Pen is equipped with up to 1,024 different levels of sensitivity designed to provide the owner’s the perfect control they’ve been looking for specially when doing a perfect handwriting or drawing on your favorite iOS gadgets including your latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, Mini and even your favorite iPhone.

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Advanced iPad Pen 1

The Advanced iPad Pen only measures 5 3/4inx 1/4in in length and diameter and only weighs 1oz.

You can buy the iPad Pen for $79.99 with lifetime guarantee.