The Advanced Intelligence Telescope – Helps You Determine What Optimal Viewing Angle Is Perfect

Can’t find the best viewing angle for the best celestial body you’ve just discovered? No problem because this Advanced Intelligence Telescope will help you determine what optimal viewing angle is perfect so you can clearly see the images you are viewing automatically.

How? Well, thanks to its excellent design and perfect engineering work, now you’ll be able to find the optimal direction for your next celestial observation easily because this Intelligent Telescope uses a unique and fast honing technique so in just a matter of 3 minutes, you’ll have a perfect and clear angle galaxies.
The Advanced Intelligence Telescope

The Advanced Intelligence Telescope

The Advanced Intelligence Telescope comes with an integrated camera ideal for taking sky images simply by touching a button, it also features an automatic function of comparing captured images to its internal database, and this is perfect for astronomer wannabes out there who wants to have an easy night sky observation.

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This Advanced Intelligence Telescope also comes with 70mm aperture, a 700mm focal length that provides up to 78x of magnification and a 91feet field of view at 1K yards capable of displaying wide sky expanses.

The Advanced Intelligence Telescope uses a stainless steel tripod with motorized altazimuth mount.

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