The Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator – help ease pain and improve muscle strength in the back and shoulders

The Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator is equipped with 3 unique features like TENS, EMS and infrared heat to help the owner get rid of their back and shoulder pain problem and also to help them improve muscle strength.

Thanks to the stimulator’s effective therapy system, now you can alleviate shoulder and back pain without taking any medication.

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Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator 1

Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator

This back and shoulder stimulator works simply by stimulating the owner’s nerves, blocking any pain signals using effective TENS therapy system while at the same time strengthening muscles using effective electrical muscle stimulation and finally easing the pain using a deep penetrating infrared LED light waves to help increase blood circulation, lessen swelling and of course relieving pain at the user’s joints.

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Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator

The Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator already comes with different modes for its TENS and EMS function and has different intensity levels where owners has the option to used them together or independently and best of all, it already comes with sets of electrode pads and remote control.

You can buy the back and shoulder stimulator for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.