The Adjustable Height Shiatsu Chair Back Cushion – attaches to a chair easily and delivers a deep tissue Shiatsu massage without any problem

The Adjustable Height Shiatsu Chair Back Cushion (available here) is not just unique when it comes to delivering Shiatsu massage but at the same time perfect because it allows the owner to easily attach the back cushion to their favorite chair any time.

This back cushion already includes 4 different massage heads capable of rotating religiously in order to help loosen one’s tight muscles, it even comes with a built-in heating element designed to provide good blood flow every time.

Shiatsu Chair Back Cushion

The Adjustable Height Shiatsu Chair Back Cushion

This massager is very easy to use and can be easily positioned to a chair’s back in order to precisely target even the hard to reach areas of the user’s back, simply attach the back cushion to a chair, adjust if necessary and start pressing your body against it and you’re good to go.

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Shiatsu Chair Back Cushion1

The Adjustable Height Back Cushion is also perfect for targeting even the other parts of your body including your aching thighs and calves while its included easy to use 1-button function will allow the massage user to easily select the best massage with or without therapeutic heat and best of all, it already includes an auto-shutoff function for added security and peace of mind.

You can buy the adjustable back cushion for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.