The Acupressure Pen for Pain Relief – help relieve pain using harmless electrical impulses instead of needles

The Acupressure Pen is unique when it comes to relieving pain simply because it uses harmless electrical pulses instead of needles to stimulate acupoints to help you get rid of the pain you are having.

This cordless acupressure pen is capable of detecting meridian points automatically complete with sound alert and screen display so owners can easily target the problematic area to be treated.

Acupressure Pen for Pain Relief

Acupressure Pen for Pain Relief

The pen works just by pressing the tip right at the owner’s skin to allow the device send low frequency electrical impulses straight to the problematic tissue, a perfect way of helping you activate your body’s healing ability of course in a natural way.

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Acupressure Pen for Pain Relief 2

Unlike taking medication, this pain relieving pen already comes with an easy to adjust sensitivity and intensity levels so owner’s can easily find their perfect treatment preference every time and best of all, it already includes different pen tips for using it with your ears, face and even your body. Weighs only 4oz and only measures 9×13/4×1.5 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the acupressure pen for $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.