The 911 Instant Speakerphone – A wearable communicator that lets you speak to a 911 emergency responder with a single touch

The 911 Instant Speakerphone [SOURCE] is your perfect device specially if you want emergency assistance quickly without going through call centers, simply press a button and the pendant will do the rest in contacting the nearest 911 operator.

This wearable speakerphone is as little as credit card size yet powerful enough to provide an instant link to 911 emergency specially if you need assistance right away and unlike other alert device that rely on call center agents, this communicator lets you speak to 911 operator directly for quick help.

The 911 Instant Speakerphone

911 Instant Speakerphone

The instant speaker phone works regardless of your service provider so you don’t have to worry about living alone, traveling, hiking and shopping all by yourself because this device will provide you with the peace of mind anytime anywhere.

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The 911 Instant Speakerphone is the most cost-effective solution minus those monthly service fees, long-term contract and even those expensive battery replacement you’ve been worrying every time you need help in the middle of nowhere.

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