The 8′ Inflatable Misfit Toys – the inflatable scene that displays some of the misfit toys from the animated classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The 8′ Inflatable Misfit Toys is your perfect addition to your decoration this Christmas simply because it allows you to display cool misfit toys from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer animated classic right at your very own outer door.

Thanks to the included inflatable misfit toys including the Charlie in the Box, the square wheels train, Dolly and even the Elephant and the airplane that can’t fly, this whimsical decoration will be a sure hit for those guests passing by.

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Inflatable Misfit Toys

This inflatable scene is all ready to be showcased on Christmas Eve, thanks to its included air blower, inflating the toys in just a matter of minutes will not be a problem.

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Inflatable Misfit Toys1

The 8′ Inflatable Misfit Toys are made using sturdy polyester that are also tear resistant and can also withstand years of storage and setup and best of all, it already comes with C7 lights, stakes and tethers to make the King Moonracer stand secured on the ground. Weighs only 11 1/4lbs and only measures 8x11x5 inches in height, length and diameter when inflated.

You can buy the inflatable misfit toys for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.