The 7 Device Charging Station – Now you can recharge USB devices simultaneously and quickly

The 7 Device Charging Station [SOURCE] is not just capable of supplying enough power for your favorite gadgets but at the same time supplies power up to 7 of your most beloved devices of course simultaneously, thanks to the hub’s uniquely designed charging station, drawing power from the outlet and supplying power to your tablets, smartphones and more at once is now possible.

The 7 Device Charging Station

The 7 Device Charging Station

This charging station is equipped with smart charging technology capable of automatically adjusting the energy output to each USB port, perfect for optimizing the charging speed to any plugged in gadgets.

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The 7 Device Charging Station is small enough that you can place it on your favorite desktop or nightstand and best of all, it also features a rubberized surface partnered with plastic dividers to protect your device’s screen and prevent slippage.

This uniquely designed charging station is compatible with most USB charged devices, simply plug the charging station to your wall outlet, plug in your device and you’re good to go.

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