The 60 Hour Wireless Earbuds – with a portable charging case that provides 60 hours of power

Tired of using your old wireless earbuds because it cannot provide hours of power? Try the 60 Hour Wireless Earbuds —[SOURCE]—, the perfect earbuds designed for travelers and specially on the go athletes who wants to have a wireless earbuds that can provide long hours of power every time.

Equipped with portable charging case, these wireless earbuds connect to almost all of your favorite smartphone operating system including Android and even iOS device using Bluetooth, enough to provide the wearer to enjoy their favorite music anywhere they are of course without worrying about wires.

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60 Hour Wireless Earbuds

The included carrying case is unique because it has an integrated battery designed to recharge earbuds for up to 120x before requiring the owner to recharge the earbuds again, that’s enough power to do all our chores while at the same time enjoy your favorite music.

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The 60 Hour Wireless Earbuds already comes with an integrated microphone so owners can also answer phone calls, it even have a range of up to 32 feet away from your favorite smartphones and best of all, it secures comfortably in the owner’s ear canal because it has 3 different cushion sizes for that all day comfort you’ve been looking for in a wireless earbuds.

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