The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station – wirelessly charges tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices effectively

The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station —[SOURCE]— is not just capable of supplying power to your favorite smartphones but also to your latest tablets and other electronic gadgets wirelessly.

Thanks to its unique Qi wireless charging technology partnered with 3 2amp usb ports, now you can juice up your latest iPhones at an optimized speed using smart charging technology.

The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station

The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station

This wireless charging station works simply by plugging it to your wall outlet and let your new gadgets accommodate the included flat surface for up to 3 devices, it even comes with LED lights that illuminates when it senses if a device is removed or added.

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The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station 1

The 6 Device Wireless Charging Station already comes with 3 microUSB charging cords and only measures 9x6x1/2 inches in length, width and height. Weighs only 12oz.

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