The 500 MPH Tracer Cars – A remote-controlled raceway with glow-in-the-dark track and two race cars

Looking for a remote control car for your kids capable of bolting a speed of up to 500 miles per hour? How about a raceway that glows in the dark and the included race car that illuminates while scaling speed just like a real vehicle? Give them the 500 MPH Tracer Cars, a uniquely designed raceway that glows in the dark partnered with 2 high speed race cars that streaks with light as kids race for glory.

The 500 MPH Tracer Cars features a nicely designed 46 feet long laminated track that can be configured in different race course format like oval, ‘L’ shape or even figure 8 course and each configuration includes an exhilarating dual lane racing complete with banks, loops and even hairpin turns enough to make the cars race upside down.

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The 500 MPH Tracer Cars

The 500 MPH Tracer Cars

This 500 MPH remote controlled raceway and race cars already includes a dual remote control design to provide full throttle power simply by pulling the trigger and best of all, cars are all powered by a rechargeable batteries for that non-stop all day racing that your kids are looking for.

This 500 MPH Tracer Cars are design for kids ages 6 years old and above and requires a minimum installation space of 8 feet by 4 feet.

Watch the 500 MPH Tracer Cars in action at [THIS PAGE].