The 500 Channel Police Scanner – A radio scanner with up to 500 channels for listening to emergency and police broadcasts

You want to have your very own radio scanner so you can listen to police, fire, marine and even emergency broadcast of your favorite radio station right at your very own home so you can be fully informed of what’s going on around? Use the 500 Channel Police Scanner [SOURCE], a 500 channel radio scanner uniquely designed to allow owners to easily access emergency broadcast automatically.

With 500 Channel Police Scanner, you’ll have the chance to set your priority channel while the rest will be automatically check every 2 seconds enough to catch all emergency activities right at the comfort of your own home plus it is even capable of receiving alerts from NOAA, industrial utilities and radios and so on plus you can store up to 20 fm stations and of course up to 10 am stations just perfect for waking you up with your favorite morning shows.

The 500 Channel Police Scanner

The 500 Channel Police Scanner

This radio scanner is capable of scanning frequencies of up to 90 channels per second and best of all, it already includes an easy to use buttons and dials.

Other important feature includes an easy to read LCD screen and an easy to organized banks for storing your favorite channels anytime.

Watch the radio scanner in action [HERE].