The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym – Comes with illustrated program cards and 2 workout DVDs to help you get started

The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym [SOURCE] is perfect if you want to have your very own home resistance gym capable of providing up to 50 different exercises, yet allows the owner to easily store under your bed or in your favorite closet.

This body sculpting workout gym is better than using weights because it uses 6 elastic cords in order to provide the user for up to 3 levels of bi-directional resistance from 5lbs and up to 74lbs simply by adjusting the built-in carabiner clips.

The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym

The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym

This home resistance gym is made using a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and already comes with foam padded seat capable of adjusting into 3 different positions plus it also comes with a textured footplate so user don’t have to worry about maintaining its stability when doing some seated bicep curls or even tricep extensions.

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The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym 1

The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym also includes 2 workout dvds, a fully illustrated program cards complete with instructions and best of all, it supports user of up to 220lbs.

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