The 45000 Station Car Radio – Now you will never run out of music again

Running out of music? Not anymore! Now you can access all your favorite AM, FM and Internet Radio stations using your iPhone with this cool new gadget called The 45000 Station Car Radio device.

Simply plug the device into your car’s 12v power socket and allow the device to communicate with your iPhone and enjoy live music anytime. Easy right!

The 45000 Station Car Radio

The 45000 Station Car Radio

The Car Radio’s included free application will simply stream any available and live stations including those nationwide NPR, Pandora and GrooveShark stations.

This 45000 Station Car Radio comes with a unique transmitter that allows the user to remotely control and scan any available stations including choosing their desired presets plus it also comes with cables for plugging the device into your car’s stereo using auxiliary inputs.

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