The 45″ Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire – an illuminated cabinet that keeps up to 160 pieces of jewelry organized and easily accessible

The 45″ Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire (available here) is perfect not just for keeping and organizing all your jewelry in one place but at the same time allows you to easily access them because it is also equipped with LED lights so accessing them anytime will not be a problem.

This wall mounted jewelry cabinet is unique because it has door equipped with slotted wooden shelves designed to keep up to 72 pairs of jewelry including your favorite earrings.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

The 45″ Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire

Its 28 hooks on the other hand will allow jewelry owners to hang necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants and even broaches and because the included LEDs are capable of brightening up the inside of the cabinet, locating your favorite jewelry will not be a problem.

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Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire1

The 45″ Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire is unique because besides securing your most loved jewelry with a key lock, this armoire is also lined with microfiber designed to help prevent jewelry from tarnishing and best of all, the exterior of the door already comes with a mirror to make it your complete modern cabinet made from birch veneers. Weighs only 32lbs.

You can buy this illuminated cabinet for keeping your important jewelry for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.