The 3D Scanner – Now you can produce a digital copy of your 3D objects quickly and easily

You want to produce a digital copy of your 3D objects? How about printing them on your 3 dimensional printer? Use the 3D scanner [SOURCE], a portable 3D scanner that allows you to scan any 3D objects in order to create a digital copy of your precious 3 dimensional models which can then be printed directly on your 3D printer.

The 3D Scanner

The 3D Scanner

This handheld 3D Scanner uses 2 unique cameras for capturing the sizes, shapes and colors of the 3D objects plus it can even scans objects as small as 8 cubic inches or as huge as up to 10 cubic feet.

The 3D scanner is very easy to use, you can even hold it at 5 inches to 60 inches away from the model because it moves around the target object to automatically ensure it can perfectly create a perfect 3D scan.

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The 3D Scanner 2

This 3D scanner is also capable of transferring 240x320px color images thru its included USB cable while its included application will enable the owner to easily crop and enhance scans comfortably.

Ready to print your scanned objects? Start downloading them to your 3D printer and watch it as it produce an exact copy of the subject, thanks to the scanner’s class 1 laser that takes scanning harmlessly, just don’t forget to power the device though using its included 7 feet long cable.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].