The 360 Video Camera – A high definition camera that function as dashcam capable of recording video in stunning 360 sphere

The 360 Video Camera [SOURCE] is not just capable of recording 360 videos with stunning effect but at the same time it is equipped with high definition resolution complete with panoramic wide angle lens so owners can reliably record while driving, biking or roaming around with their favorite motor bike.

The 360 Video Camera

The 360 Video Camera

Thanks to the camera’s unique feature including an included 32gb memory card, saving HD video in .mov digital format is now easier plus it even uses a free WiFi application so mobile gadgets or even PCs can create virtual reality experience complete with pan and zoom effects.

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This video camera even features a mini HDMI output so owners can view recorded videos straight into their favorite TV or use this camera to function just like a dashcam taking 360 photos because it already includes a mounting adapters so it can be mounted to a tripod, handlebar and more.

The 360 Video Camera is capable of recording videos for 1 straight hour from a 4hr. Charge using its included cable.

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