The 360 Degrees Swiveling TV Stand – A swiveling media stand perfect for optimal viewing from any angle

The 360 Degrees Swiveling TV Stand [SOURCE] is capable of providing not just optimal television viewing experience but at the same time lessen TV viewers neck strains or even glare-filled watching because this swiveling media stand is capable of spinning up to 360 degrees enabling watchers to easily turn the TV’s direction without any problem.

The 360 degrees Swiveling TV Stand

360 Degrees Swiveling TV Stand

This swiveling TV stand is constructed using wood veneer and has a sturdy steel ball bearings capable of swiveling a 48 inch television plus it even comes with a sturdy shelf perfect for storing your latest DVR boxes, DVD or even your latest Blu-ray players.

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The 360 degrees Swiveling TV Stand 1

The 360 Degrees Swiveling TV Stand is designed to give owners easy access to wires and power cords so you don’t have to worry about setting up or adding your favorite gaming system right on the entertainment tv stand.

The swiveling media stand requires assembly and has a measurement of 24x15x7 inches in width, diameter and height.

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