Not satisfied with your video camera’s capability of capturing panoramic view especially on those important events? Use the 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera, a small but powerful camera that allows the owner to capture video recording and photography in a stunning 360 degrees sphere so you don’t miss a single thing from the floor to ceiling and the perfect view of the surrounding.

The 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera

The 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera

The 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera is capable of capturing images and videos of up to 5 minutes long plus it even comes with a unique pair of 180 degree fish-eye lenses so images and videos can be stitched digitally together providing the owners with a perfect spherical view every time.

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The 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera 1

This digital camera already includes a software that can be used on your desktop pc or mobile so owners can easily pan all images from left or right, zoom in or out or even look up or down if the user were standing in the scene themselves, the app can even be used as a remote shutter so you can use it in shooting long distance.

The 360 Degree Panoramic Video Camera 2

This video camera not just captures wide and long distance shots but at the same time very light yet sturdy and uses a single button so you can easily operate the device while enjoying the fun you’re having with your friends and best of all, its included rechargeable battery provides the owner for up to 3hrs of operation from a 1-hour charge using its included USB cable.

Watch the Panoramic Video Camera in action [HERE].