The 3-in-1 Game Room Dining, Billiard and Table Tennis Table – flips upside down, enabling individuals to switch between pool table or a smooth surface for serving meals

Are you looking for a dining table that will also transform into a billiard and table tennis table? Check this 3-in-1 Game Room Table. (Available Here for only $1800)

This uniquely designed dining table is your perfect answer simply because besides providing your kids their perfect surface for serving meals, this table will also allow them to play their favorite table tennis or billiard game any time.

billiard tennis dining table

Ideal for game room addons most especially for those who have limited game room space, this table is very easy to setup, simply flip the table upside down to easily switch between billiard, tennis or dining table without any problem.

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billiard tennis dining table 2

The 3-in-1 Game Room Table is engineered using high quality material partnered with wood grain finish and upholstered benches and best of all, it already includes all the necessary accessories so kids can start enjoying and playing billiards and table tennis any time. Weighs only 451lbs and only measures 84x47x31.5 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this game room table for only $1800 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.