The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket – A 3 season jacket capable of holding 2 dozen of different items

Now you can bring all your favorite tech gadgets and other important items with this uniquely designed jacket. Introducing the 24 Pocket Tech Jacket [SOURCE] designed to hold up to 2 dozen of different items like wallets, phones, ipads, digital cameras, ballpens, tablets and more.

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket is designed for busy geeks out there who wants to bring all their favorite gadgets without bringing extra tech bags simply because the jacket itself already comes with enough pockets complete with hidden conduits to hide wires for earphones and more.

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The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket 1

With tech jacket, no more removing of wired devices when you pass through the secured area at the airport simply because this jacket can be sent straight through the xray scanner plus it even comes with 3 interior clear-touch pockets designed to store and control your favorite touch-screen devices easily.

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket 2

This warm, 3 season jacket already includes a removable sleeves so you can convert it into a tech vest anytime while its machine washable yet durable and lightweight feature together with its magnetic closures will simply make it your favorite tech jacket every time.

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